Old Announcement // 2019-01-30

Two is better than one!

Bring someone you love to Larose Karate, and try something new together.  For only $200, you both get 2 months to train in Karate, and each get your own uniform.

$200: 2 People, 2 Months, 2 Uniforms, 2 Much Fun!!

It’s a great opportunity for couples, siblings, friends, co-workers, a parent and child duo, any two people who want to learn together!  Karate training is better when you have someone to work with.  You get to encourage each other and challenge each other.  Learn together, practice together, and stick together!

Like any group activity, you eventually get to know the other people already there.  But wouldn’t it be so much better if you got to start with someone you already know?  Larose Karate wants to make that easier for you with this special introductory offer.

This February Special includes:

  • 2 months karate training for 2 people, 3 days per week
  • 2 white uniforms with white belts
  • All for only $200!!

That’s more than 50% off our regular membership prices.  It’s the perfect way to check out what Karate is all about.

No experience required!  No further commitment!

To prevent overfilling the classroom, we are limiting this February special to the first 15 pairs who sign-up.

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