Announcement // 2019-07-05

Meet Sensei Liam, Larose Karate’s Newest Black Belt

Well, it’s official!  After more than 10 years training in karate, over a year of being at Brown/Black Belt rank, fulfilling all his grueling requirements by the end of May, a grading at the camp in Guelph in June, and yet another one in at the Hombu dojo in Okinawa on July 3rd, 2019, Liam was finally promoted to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate! To make it extra special, it was Hanshi Minoru Nakazato, Judan (10th Degree Black Belt) and head of our association, who awarded Liam his Shodan certificate.

Sensei Liam posing with Hanshi Nakazato, together holding Liam's new certificate recognizing him as a Shodan.
Hanshi Minoru Nakazato and Sensei Liam Fabri holding Liam’s new Shodan certificate.

Liam has been working hard since he started karate.  This past year, he has dramatically improved his martial arts skills and has grown tremendously as a person. Seeing his progress has made it a rewarding experience for me as his instructor.

It’s always a pleasure for all of us to train with Liam, whether we be his instructors, his peers, or his students. He consistently has a positive attitude when he comes to the dojo. He’s eager to learn and share his knowledge.

It’s with great pride that I have the privilege to say this:

Congratulations Liam on your promotion to Shodan! Welcome to the elite group of Black Belts!

Next time you see Liam, be sure to congratulate him!

Sensei Liam’s Project

As most of our students are aware, part of Larose Karate’s requirements for a Black Belt promotion is to complete a Dojo Improvement Project. Liam’s project was to produce video recordings of warm-up exercises showing and explaining proper form for each exercise. You can now see them on our YouTube channel.

Do you have what it takes to earn your Black Belt?

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