Beginner Karate Program

Here’s a brief description of what we have to offer, followed by our membership pricing options.

Membership Program Includes

Basic Martial Arts Training

The beginner program teaches the foundations of karate techniques, as should be expected. Students start by learning basic blocks, basic kicks, basic stances, and basic hand strikes. These are taught in series called kata. They then progress to moving combinations of the basic techniques and build increasingly more complex kata.

As students learn new skills, they earn new belts to mark their progress. At Gold Belt, students start learning partner drills as part of their requirements. Shortly after, at Orange Belt, we introduce them to their first Okinawan Kobudo weapon, the bo (staff), and its corresponding beginner kata. Check out the requirements for earning ranks in our school.

Karate instruction 3 hours per week for 12 months

Our regular memberships are renewable 1-year programs. You can start at any time of the year. All students are entitled to 3 hours of class per week. You decide, based on your availability, if you’re going to take full advantage of those 3 hours per week.

Extended time guarantee

Sometimes, we need to take some time off, whether it be for vacation, because we’re sick, to take care of a loved one in need, or some other conflict in schedule.

This is why we offer our students the ability to put their membership on hold if they need to temporarily stop their training. If you’re going to miss class for two weeks or more, you don’t have to lose it. To get this benefit, just let the instructor know to put your membership on hold and for how long. We will then add that time to your membership such that your renewal date is pushed back by the same length of time.

A typical example: Student joins in September, trains throughout Fall, Winter, Spring. That student then goes on Summer vacation for a month in July. If they had not taken time off, their renewal date would be in September. But because of the one month break, we push their renewal date to October.

Family Membership Discounts Available

At Larose Karate, we love seeing families train together. So we want to make it easier for them by offering family discounts. If more than one family member wants to join, we offer a 25% discount for the 2nd (3rd, etc.) person in the household who joins.

Training Variety

We have a variety of training activities in our classes. For instance, in every class, we start with a warm-up, followed by stretches, basics, review, work on new material, and group activity. That group activity is based on a 5 class cycle. Each of those activities is described below.


Drills are series of movements and actions that are repeated in quick succession. They train complex combinations useful in sparring, self-defence, and fights.

Sparring (Kumite)

Sparring is a mutual agreement between two (or more) partners to use their martial arts techniques against each other in a controlled environment. In other words, it’s fighting, but with the intent to train rather than to cause injury. During these lessons, students learn to make quick decisions about movement, distancing, and techniques, as well as the effectiveness of their decisions.

Applications (Bunkai)

Bunkai is the application of karate techniques. During these lessons, we break down the techniques or series of techniques and analyze how they can be applied against an opponent. For example, what looks like a block can be applied as a strike, a joint manipulation, or a throw. The results are often surprising!


On our self-defence nights, we look at specific scenarios and see how the techniques we learned can be applied to those scenarios. This is where we try to answer the question “What if…?” For example, we look at different angles and types of attacks, different numbers and sizes of opponents, and several other variables.

Group Discussion

We take a holistic approach to training. There are some aspects of karate that go beyond just the techniques. In our group discussions, we touch on a variety of subjects: how to show respect, proper behaviour in and out of the dojo, history of Karate, Japanese language, Japanese culture, how Karate fits in with other martial arts, etc.

Member of the Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Family of Karateka

Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan crest

Larose Karate is a member of an international network of karate schools, all part of the Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan association. Shūgorō Nakazato founded this association and, now, his son Minoru Nakazato heads it. We have a core set of kata (forms, or series of techniques) that all Shorinkan schools shared, and that everyone in our organization performs the same way.

What does this mean for the students? It means:

  • we get to associate with members of other schools at national and international training seminars.
  • if you move to a new city, and there’s a Shorinkan school nearby you can continue your training with the same core set of kata.
  • you’re invited to organized trips to Okinawa to visit the roots of karate and train with our grand master alongside other members of our association.
Members of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate from all over the world training in Okinawa.  Membership has its privileges!
Here we see people from Canada, USA, South Africa, Australia, Viêt-Nam, China, Japan, all training under one roof with Hanshi Minoru Nakazato in Okinawa, Japan.

Pricing Options

Our regular 1-year membership programs have four payment options: 1 annual option, and 3 monthly options.

Option A
1 Payment of $1002.75
1 Year Program
Save 25% ($334.25)
No monthly payments
Free Starter Kit
Option B
$349 Down, 12 payments of $65.62
1 Year Program
Save 15% ($200.56)
Lowest monthly payments
Free Starter Kit
Option C
$249 Down, 12 payments of $85.10
1 Year Program
Save 5% ($66.80)
Mid-range option
Free uniform
Option D
$149 Down, 12 payments of $99.00
1 Year Program
No Interest or Finance Charges
Lowest initial cost
Free uniform

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