Old Announcement // 2019-04-04

The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together!

Bring your family to Larose Karate, and try something new together.  For only $100, you all get 1 month to train in Karate, and you each get your own uniform.

It’s a great opportunity for couples, siblings, parents and children, the entire family!  Karate training is better when you have someone to work with.  You get to encourage each other and challenge each other.  Learn together, practice together, and stick together!

Our classes are designed with families in mind. We have kids and adults training side by side. Some activities are done with mixed age groups, whereas others have groups split kids/adults. Family members get to work together, but are also encouraged with work with other students.

Like any group activity, you eventually get to know the other people already there.  But wouldn’t it be so much better if you got to start with members of your own family?  Larose Karate wants to make that easier for you with this special introductory offer.

Karate family: Sensei Joël, his partner, and their kids
Sensei Joël and his family at a Karate Seminar

This April Special includes:

  • 1 month of karate training for any number of people from the household
  • 3 days per week
  • 1 white uniform with white belts for each new member
  • All for only $100!!

Even for a family of 2, that’s more than 50% off our regular membership prices.  Better yet, the more family members who join, the better the deal!  For a household of 5, that’s only $20 per person! It’s the perfect way for you and your family to check out what Karate is all about.

No experience required!  No further commitment!

To prevent overfilling the classroom, we are limiting this April special to the first 10 families who sign-up.

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Offer valid only to new students. Current or past students are not eligible for this deal.